Now that outlets and fake villages surround us, the Cultural Association Pro Loco San Donato in Poggio and people who live here have the desire of transforming San Donato in a place where old arts and crafts, almost desappered in present times, can still live.
The idea is to recreate old workshops adopting and providing the conservation of those buildings in the village which, at the moment, are not used.
Painters, potters, cabinet-makers, goldsmiths, weavers, glaziers, ironsmiths and chair-menders would have their own workshops to work and teach to new generations, not to lose this kind of crafts.
San Donato in Poggio would become a conservation center for old crafts: in this way trades conducted in our territory would elevate the value of the area and the daylife would be juiced up.
We hope one day we could fulfil our dream…